the Western Regions and the Central Plains

Recording of the Western Regions in the official history books of all central dynasties and more sophisticated maps on the boundary, as evidenced in the chapter on Xirong in the Strategy of Wei, the chapter on the Western Regions in Book of Wei, and the chapter on the Western Regions in History of the North; […]

13 permanent resident ethnic groups

Xinjiang had 13 permanent resident ethnic groups, among which the Uygurs were the main group. During or after the introduction of regional ethnic autonomy, the Uygurs must take the initiative to accommodate other brother ethnic groups in the region. It was essential to keep it on mind that while focusing on the compact communities of […]

Central Asia and Tarim Basin in Southern Xinjiang

The reintroduction of the geographic notion of “Turkistan”was the product of the colonial expansion of capitalist powers in Central Asia in early 19th century. In 1805, a Russian, Timkovsky used “Turkistan” in his mission report to describe Central Asia and Tarim Basin in Southern Xinjiang of China. Given the differences between the two areas in […]

Abdul Rahman Khan started to quell

Yolebars Sultan^ who was stationed at Kashgar, was ambitious since long time ago. After his father’s fiasco in the war with Oyrat Mongols, Yolebars Sultan began to interfere with the state affairs. On his side was the Hoja of the Aktaglik Sect, who harbored discontent against the khan. When Abdul Rahman Khan started to quell, […]

arge eyes, high nose, wide mouth

The images in Xinjiang cliff paintings are primitive, simple and natural. The human figures in earlier period are particularly lifelike and delicate. For example, those found in Kangjiashimenzi were done in great details, especially in the face, capturing accurately the basic features of the Sak: large eyes, high nose, wide mouth, broad jaw, broad shoulders […]

The State of Gaochang had similar political system

Institutionalization of turning in princes as hostage and paying tributes to the central dynasties by the Western Regions in spite of interruptions over the 300-plus years; Expansion of direct administration by the central dynasties in the Western Regions, such as the Province of Gaochang during the Former Liang Dynasty and Shanshan and Yanqi Towns in […]

Dongying is now developing quickly in economy

From the statistics in the first quarter in 2002, Dongying is now developing quickly in economy. The asset amount of industry and enterprise has reached 15 billion Yuan; the production value has achieved 5. 71 billion Yuan from January to April, with a rapid growth of 26.6% compared to the same period last year; the […]

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